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Full Swing Selected As An Official Tech Partner
August 09, 2023, Orlando, FL


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TGL has announced Full Swing as an Official Technology Partner ahead of the opening season, which gets underway in early 2025.

Full Swing is the Official Licensee of the PGA TOUR in the golf simulator category and the personal simulator of choice for several TGL players – including Tiger Woods and Xander Schauffele. Full Swing has been working with TGL to build out the gameplay technology that will power the league’s unique fusion of live sport and virtual action.

Technology is at the core of TGL, offering fans a cutting-edge, shorter format version of team golf, featuring some of the PGA TOUR’s biggest superstars in a weekly two-hour primetime window.

To help bring that to life, Full Swing and TGL are pushing the boundaries of golf tech to supersize the experience for fans in the arena in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and for those watching at home.

The Simulator

TGL players will tee off and play into a giant simulator screen measuring a massive 64ft x 46ft. That's roughly 20 times the size of a standard Full Swing simulator screen, offering the players a window into the virtual world.

Full Swing will build out this virtual world environment for the simulator featuring custom-designed TGL golf holes and will also provide teams with a Virtual Caddie to aid strategy and offer yardage information on a hole-by-hole basis.

Short-Game Complex

The players will then transition from the simulator to a one-of-a-kind short-game complex. TGL will use Virtual Green by Full Swing to build three individual 15ft x 27ft Virtual Greens within a 3,800 square foot putting surface. They will be the largest ever Virtual Greens built by Full Swing, each with 189 actuators and jacks that allow the slope of the putting green to change hole by hole.

The entire TGL short-game complex will be larger than four basketball courts, with the giant simulator at the other end of the arena.

Here’s a breakdown of what Full Swing will bring to TGL:

  • Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor: Accurate moment-of-impact data for each TGL shot, including ball and club measurements.
  • Virtual Golf Holes: Leading TGL’s virtual world environment and the implementation of TGL’s custom designed golf holes played on a massive screen within the venue, which operates on a customized Full Swing Golf simulator software platform.
  • Virtual Caddie: Interactive yardage book on a touchscreen monitor that allows TGL teams to preview and strategize on each hole.
  • Virtual Green by Full Swing: Three separate 15ft x 27ft Virtual Greens within TGL’s 3,800 square foot putting green, each the largest ever built with 189 actuators and jacks.
  • Gameplay System Architecture: Connecting virtual and live action technologies through custom software for TGL’s gameplay experience.
  • Full Swing Simulators: Additionally, TGL teams will warm up on Full Swing Pro 2.0 Simulators featuring a customizable driving range to prepare for matches.

PGA TOUR stars across the game use Full Swing simulators and Virtual Greens to hone their craft at home – Woods, Rahm and Schauffele use Full Swing products for training, as does NBA superstar and TMRW Sports investor Steph Curry.

That comfort level and trust made Full Swing the clear choice to be the driving force behind TGL’s innovative gameplay.

"When we started looking at the technology required to make TGL a reality, I knew that Full Swing would be the key company I’d be comfortable working with to provide the best experience for players and viewers,” said Woods, co-founder TMRW Sports and committed TGL player.

“I’ve used Full Swing for almost ten years now and they continually innovate to make the experience better across their entire product line that I use at home and on the range. This is why I trust Full Swing to help power a majority of TGL’s gameplay platform.”

Ryan Dotters, CEO of Full Swing, added: “Between Tiger and Mike McCarley, we’ve been working with key players at TGL for years and we can’t wait to show the world how Full Swing is going to help bring TGL to life. Across our simulator software experience, KIT launch monitor, and Virtual Green that can literally shift the type of putts the players will face, our entire product line will be represented with TGL. We’re actively customizing and super-sizing these tech solutions and several software platforms for the league’s unique needs.”

Andrew Macaulay, CTO of TGL and TMRW Sports, said: “Over three years, Full Swing has been working with TGL's gameplay and technology teams to help develop our never-before-seen sports concept of merging live action and virtual technology. In the end, a majority of the technology solutions driving our gameplay experience will be Full Swing, including the custom game architecture weaving all our official technology partners together to create a seamless TGL experience.”