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 Player Announcement 
Rory McIlroy On TGL's Bold Step Into Golf Future
August 24, 2022, Orlando, FL
Player AnnouncementRory McIlroy


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Golf is a game with more than 500 years of history. As one of the modern greats, Rory McIlroy is keenly aware of that tradition.

And as one of the founders of TMRW Sports – alongside Tiger Woods and Mike McCarley – he’s excited to continue the sport’s evolution through TGL and to help bring golf to a new audience.

TGL’s purpose-built arena in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, will host two hours of primetime action every week in early 2025. It’ll be a fresh take on team golf with two squads of three PGA TOUR golfers going head-to-head in a short-form version of the game that'll combine simulator play and live action.

This innovative approach to golf on the biggest stage is what first appealed to McIlroy, who is eager to grow the game by introducing a younger audience to the sport.

"It [golf] is so rooted in tradition," McIlroy said, "and that’s a great thing, but to try to deliver golf to the younger demographic, I think, is really important. I’ve been big on that. I come from a place in the world (Northern Ireland) where golf is really accessible. I’ve lived here (in the U.S.) 10 or 15 years. I’d love to see the accessibility of golf sort of mirror what I come from, and just see more kids play the game.”

TGL will showcase the best players in the world, from Rory and Tiger to Justin Thomas, Max Homa and plenty more. Six teams of three PGA TOUR golfers will tee it up for the first season of TGL, with Los Angeles Golf Club and Boston the first two teams to be announced.

McIlroy added: “I have the utmost respect for the game of golf, and TGL, while rooted in the traditions of the game, is taking a bold step into the increasingly tech-fueled future of sports. TGL will tap into the appeal of team golf within an exciting, fan-friendly environment, comparable to sitting courtside at an NBA game. TGL will widen the appeal of golf to younger and more diverse fans and serve as another avenue to introduce people to the game I love.”

Player AnnouncementRory McIlroy